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The main types of ship repair, performed by a private company "SIATA":

  1. dock repair of vessels
  2. repair of overboard valves;
  3. repair of propeller-rudder system;
  4. repair and replacement of shaft seals;
  5. repairs of anchors, anchor chains and drives;
  6. repair of hulls and hull constructions of the vessels;
  7. all types of cleaning and painting surfaces;
  8. repair of systems and piping;
  9. repair watertight hatches;
  10. repair of vessel electrical equipment and automation;
  11. repair of vessel mechanisms, devices and equipment;
  12. fault detection of hulls and machinery;;
  13. repair and alignment of shaft lines;
  14. carpentry and wood finishing work;
  15. the dismantling, installation and replacement of deck mechanisms;
  16. complex repair of hatch covers;
  17. modernization of the vessel;
  18. renovation of the ship;
  19. repair and installation of radio equipment;
  20. repair and installation of navigation equipment;
  21. design work
  22. reconstruction of vessels under the requirements of the Register.

The construction of ships

Shipbuilding is one of the important directions of activity of PE "SIATA".

The company is building river vessels and vessels of mixed type "river-sea", length 80 m.

The "SIATA" Company has a powerful production base, highly qualified personnel, technical potential, years of experience of the shipbuilding works of different complexity. The company has experience in the construction of metal and aluminum hulls, pontoons, Plavac, hotels and offices on the water, boats, yachts and boats.

The basis for the development of the shipbuilding program is strict adherence to the rules and regulations of the activity, the use of high technology of ship building in full compliance with international requirements. It is a powerful and reliable base to provide customers with a wide range of high quality services.

High qualification of specialists and also the flexible price policy of the shipyard, together with allows ship owners to find the most appropriate solutions in terms of organization structure. Technical specifications for the construction are estimated in the shortest possible time, and in the case of mutual interest, subsequent negotiations shall be governed satisfies both parties individual conditions, prices, deadlines, which are fixed by the relevant agreement.

Modernization of existing ships

Our company carries out the modernization and refurbishment of all types of vessels with length up to 130 m In the modernization may include the change in appearance and interior fittings. Also we with pleasure will prepare for you a design project and perform the snap-vessel devices and specials. means.

Project work

We will create and bring to life even the most complex project for a reliable, confident and safe swimming. Now we are ready to execute projects for vessels up to 40m. We are planners and designers who have a great experience. Believe me, even the wildest imagination of customers can be translated into reality.
On request we can provide for review examples of projects of ships and pontoons, some of which are presented in the Album.

Fault detection

We perform the fault detection mechanisms and electrical equipment with the measurement of residual thickness of metal enclosures of all types of vessels. According to the results of the inspection issued a report. Measurement of thickness is performed by qualified specialists using modern ultrasonic thickness gauges. We also carry out inspection of technical condition of ship hulls calculation method in accordance with the requirements of Rules of classification societies. The calculations are based on the actual residual thickness of the housing relations and their deformations. The calculations allow to determine the real safety margin of the casing during operation of the vessel in the specified area of navigation with the calculated limits of the wave mode. Services to conduct fault detection and identification of a technical condition of courts are at the customer's request and/or in the contract concluded between the client and our company.


The company produces certification of the following rescue tools:

  • Life jackets
  • Lifebuoy
  • Fire hoses
  • Rescue devices - SRP
  • Radio-navigation equipment.

All work is performed in full compliance with the requirements of the Regulations the qualification of societies and recommendations of manufacturers.

The supply of vessels

The Company "SIATA" is pleased to offer the supply and equipment of vessels, shipping companies and ports in the following areas:

  • emergency equipment
  • fire-fighting equipment
  • navigation equipment
  • shipboard electrical equipment
  • mechanical equipment.